Boulder Canyon Turkey & Gravy Potato Chips and Pumpkin Pie Potato Chips. For the record, I love Thai food and I also love shrimp chips. First up, Numb & Spicy Hot Pot Flavor potato chips. Symphony Smoked Potato Chips⁣ Ammiright? No, this is flavor based on the seasoning blend used to cook crabs. (for a clue look at the episode image). Lay’s Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza Find out! Of course, even though Kettle is an American brand, we don’t have this flavor stateside. Find out! Back at ya with Guinness Spicy Chili potato chips by Burt’s. Amica Chips’ Alfredo’s pepper flavored potato chips. Gotta go, my mouth is watering just writing about them. Yes, potato chips that are flavored like French Onion Soup. So complex and beefy. Tune in, find out! Lay's of China Numb & Spicy Hot Pot Flavor Potato Chips. And with cayenne and paprika on the ingredients list, it looks promising. Gourmet seasoned chips made in Hawaii with deliciously bold flavors like Zesty Garlic and Kiawe BBQ. Spicy Lime tortilla chips/Hella Hot Vegan Pork Rinds/Thai Sweet Chilli potato chips, “Can It Sandwich?”- a Saturday tradition! Find out! Time for chip flavor number two from Lay’s China - the oddly named Italian Red Meat Flavor potato chips. Almond Oil Potato Chips. Carolina Kettle Coastal Crab Boil potato chips on In The Chips with Barry. Yes, many a Canadian hipster has asked me when I was going to review these and that day has come. Did they nail the cheesiness and onioniness (that’s not a word, is it?). You see it is called In The Chips so plantain chips qualify for review. Had the privilege of attending a friend’s wedding in Georgetown, Texas (about 30 minutes north of Austin). It’s Tuesday and you know that means, time for another fabulous guest chip review. Ok, I’ll stop now. I loves me some ramen so I was very much looking forward to the nuanced yet complex flavors on an extruded and formed potato product, err…chip. I used to live in Virginia Beach so I know that these are supposed to taste like. Will the combo of Prosecco and berries make for a great tasting chip? Happy Wednesday! Chili Lime. Our company is also known for our line of BBQ and hot sauces. Or more accurately, Irvins Week! Apparently there was a promo there wherein they associated certain flavors to movie genres. It’s the most spiciest time of the week! Find out! Find out! Sure, I would’ve been ok with just the regular barbecue but why settle when you can be extra? At long last, ladies and gentlemen, I’m taking on Ruffles All Dressed. ¿Dónde están las papas fritas? Featured in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on August 15, 2018.Recipe compliments of Loren Shoop, owner/founder, Ulu Mana Inc. (Oahu). Walkers Sprout Haters - Glazed Ham, Turkey & Stuffing, Cheese and Cranberry. Krinkle Cut™ Potato Chips. Lay's Thailand Extra BBQ Flavor Potato Chip Review. What is a Lobster Hot Plate? Mmmm…flavor. Hmm, guess you’ll just have to watch to find out! That is, if they didn’t screw up the seasoning…. Find out now! Find out! Introducing the newly released, Trader Joe’s Horseradish and Chive Potato Chips. Today’s chips are from the great state of Texas! Lay's of China Oriental Cherry Milk Potato Chips. I’m normally underwhelmed by tortilla chips so let’s see if these can whelm me. It takes less than a minute to find out (or you can look at the image, either way). Lest you think this is Indian curry, it is not. Lay's of Thailand Sweet Basil Flavored Potato Chips. So, can Lay’s China nail the delicate balance? Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Tortilla Chips⁣ In fact, they don’t even have crab in ‘em! Best Korean Food in Hawaiian Gardens: See Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Korean Restaurants in Hawaiian Gardens. Sure, that’s made up, but what holiday isn’t? Specifically, Lay's Thailand Meingkam Krobos Potato Chips. But my better half pointed out that maybe a snack-based, thirty-second distraction is what some folks need so here it is. Jasreen and Trader Joe's Chili and Lime Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips. ¡Beinvenidos, amigos! Find out! Sure, we had chips from Japan and Thailand on In The Chips. So, how’d they do? Lay's Poland Spicy Chicken in Action Potato Chips. But that doesn’t mean we stop asking the hard-hitting questions like, Can It Sandwich? From Thailand - Lay's Grilled Prawn and Seafood Dipping Sauce Potato Chips. In The Chips: UK Snack Edition - Mega Monster Munch. Tim's Hawaiian Luau Barbecue Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips are a standout among seasoned chips. Yes, it’s Yamayoshi’s Mentai Mayo Beef Potato Chips. HEI. Nacho? Not going to do Turkey and Stuffing as I did that one last week. Find out! Wait, what? Nutrient analysis for Hawaiian Ulu Chips is unavailable. My friends Tony and Debbie came by to visit the other day and brought with them Sanders Milk Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips. Lay's China Durian Fruit Flavored Potato Chips. Back to top. Over the years we have developed five tempting flavors for our chips: Original (lightly salted), Zesty Garlic, Kiawe BBQ,Kilauea Fire, and Sugar Coated. Anyway, will they successfully transform the humble potato chip into a meat-tastic taste extravaganza? Korean Barbeque. Two were alright, the the third…an acquired taste? In fact, it’s the opposite. Kirchererbsen (chickpea) Chips Joghurt Gurken Style on In The Chips With Barry. Sure, they’re not potatoes but hey, they’re thin, deep fried, and were brought all the way back by my friend Steve so imma do it. Hmm…what makes the steak Irish? Oh boy, this is something different. Believe. That’s right, friend of the show, Vincenzo Landino was kind enough ship these bad boys all the way from Ohio. Kettle Brand Apple Cider Vinegar Potato Chips on In The Chips with Barry. Kevin and Savoursmith's Italian Cheese and Port Wine potato chips. So, will we go out with a bang or a whimper? This “Can It Sandwich?” was filmed before a live studio audience…of one…kinda. Boy, that is a lot of apostrophes in one name. Received these from a friend in Florida. Thanks for reading, now back to our regularly scheduled podacast. Spicy Queso. Find out! You might say, “Hey Barry, what about Wednesday?” I’m glad you asked. Wednesday will be my “Top 20 5-Start Year In Review.” Yes, it turns out there were 20 reviews in 2020 that achieved the coveted 5 stars I’ll share them all. Koikeya Karamucho Spicy Curry Corn Snacks⁣ ), Lay’s Poland, Spicy Chicken in Action. Is it a Thai flavor? I loves me some Keogh’s crisps. It’s an interesting flavor idea but one that could go very wrong. I had to look up just what an Egg Prata was but I am familiar with fish curry. 15.00g. Find out! Fröhlichen Freitag! Ono Hawaiian BBQ. Notes: Find fresh ulu in season (July-October) at farmers markets and some grocery stores. How they taste is what matters! Yakisoba is a meaty, brothy noodle dish from Japan. Earlier this week we enjoyed Grilled Prawn and Seafood Dipping Sauce potato chips from Lay’s in Thailand. Kicking of Semi-Spicy Week! Find out! Hawaiian Brand Korean Barbecue and Utz Crab Chips. Find out! This was a new one for me as I had never heard of Salsa Negra before. So, do they pay it off? So this isn’t a case of my tastebuds not being open to Thai flavored chips. Glazed Ham, Turkey and Stuffing, and Cheese and Cranberry. Like all Kettle Brand snacks, the new line is made with our Natural Promise to use only real ingredients. Feast & Fury Smoky Ghost Pepper Potato Chips⁣ Back to Japan! I love both of these flavors but I’m a bit leery of combining them together. Share - Hawaiian Kettle Style Snack Potato Chips Mango Habanero 7.5 Oz.. Let’s find out! with Scampi flavored fries and Bacon flavored fries from Smiths and Fish n’ Chips (Salt ’n’ Vinger) Baked Snacks from Burton’s. 312 reviews $ Inexpensive BBQ, Korean Food. Potato Chips. Another UK potato chip in the same week?! It gets a crispy and smoky. An ulu is ripe when you can see a lot of white sap on the outside of the fruit and the fruit turns a yellow/lime green color. Lay's Taiwan Bacon Cheese Deep Ridge Potato Chips⁣ So, will Lay’s China nail it right out of the gate? ¡Estan aqui! Yeeeeeeah, about that…. How can it be that a “rich chili” chip has no heat but is still tasty? Anywho, this week I am sandwiching Chips Oman, Calbee Curry potato chips, and Twisties Nacho flavor. Zapp's Evil Eye/Funny Frisch Joghurt Guren/ Samboy Atomic Tomato. Tzatziki Dressing. That have some very interesting flavors too. Sushi. I dig the freakiness but do they work as flavors? El Valle Chorizo and Fried Egg flavored potato chips. Lay's Thailand Meingkam Krobos Potato Chips. time again! Pan Holic. No, not American style BBQ, Thai style! Fry-y? Sure, the bag says Jalapeño Chicken Chips but this is the first chip I’ve had actually made out of chicken. Never you mind that “Italian cheese” is vague, let’s see what Kevin has to say, shall we? On deck today is Spanish Ham flavored potato chips from Quillo that I picked up at @WorldMarket (Cost Plus). Yes, today I trying out some chickpea chips from Germany sent over by my man Marc. Kicking things off with Spicy Lime Tortilla Chips sent in by @snackmurder (over on Instagram - go check him out). In The Chips with Barry Top 20 5-Star Chips (and other snacks) of 2020⁣, Yes, it’s the end of the year here at In The Chips with Barry, and with that always comes with the much-vaunted “year in review.” And as always, I take am taking you through the chips that got the highest ratings, 5 stars, in the year 2020. Today they’re trying out Magic Masala potato chips from Lay’s India. Its popularity is also reaching Europe, with the restaurant POND Dalston opening in 2014 as first New Hawaiian Cuisine in the United Kingdom. Its Oriental Cherry Milk Potato Chips from Lay’s of China. Great question! For the land of Jamón and Flamenco comes Torres Selecta Sparkling Wine potato chips. Will they work? Hawaiian Brand doesn’t exactly have a great track record with complex flavors so this should be interesting. Today I’m trying Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skins. Can It Sandwich? Good for Kids. I love Cajun food so this is a pretty big promise. Never heard of these corn-based snacks so I am keen to give ‘em a go, as they say. Easy web browsing for customers with disabilities, Privacy Policy Ahh, the day before Thanksgiving. Quillo Huevo Frito (Fried Egg) Flavored Potato Chip Review. I loves me a hot pot and if you’ve ever had anything with Sichuan peppercorns then you get why they used “numb” to start the flavor description. You might say, “Hey Barry, what about Wednesday?” I’m glad you asked. Hours were updated. Swerving off the path of traditional potato chips a bit with some Pringles from Japan. It’s a trip down memory lane. It’s Kirchererbsen Chips Joghurt Gurken Style. Will they measure up to the delicious Smoked Gouda chips from H-E-B? Doesn’t matter because Lay’s of Thailand has seen fit to flavor a potato chip for us. So, does Lay’s of Thailand bring both the squid AND the heat? And yes, I did slip in a Ron Burgundy reference in the vid. Zapp’s Evil Eye Potato Chips on In The Chips with Barry. So, how’d they do? courtesy of my friend in the UK (thanks Kath!). Find out. Walkers Max Strong Hot Chicken Wing Potato Chips...err...Crisps. Bonus National Potato Chip Day Show! Lay's of Thailand Lobster Hot Plate Potato Chips. We’re off to France for Bret’s Petits oignon potato chips! Sorry, Kettle Brand Apple Cider Vinegar, you just didn’t make the cut. Organic Asian Sesame Dressing. In The Chips: UK Snack Edition - Nik Naks. I’ve found Walkers (like their American counterpart, Lay’s) to be hit or miss when it comes to flavored potato chips. Ruffles Double Crunch Hot Wings Flavored Potato Chips. Frito-Lay - Tim's - Hawaiian Potato and Corn Chips - Variety Bulk Packs (HAWAIIAN KETTLE STYLE POTATO CHIPS, VARIETY PACK,) 4.2 out of 5 stars 12. See all. Walkers MAX Paprika flavored potato chips. Chips like these have to thread the needle bring both sweet and heat in equal measure. kettle-avocado-oil-line-fact-sheet. Chitato Mi Goreng & Carolina Kettle Coastal Crab Boil potato chips. Not sure why this is a flavor but hey, I am game to check ‘em out. Will the jalapeño be spicy? Buuuut then we tried Italian Red Meat Flavor it was bland as all get out. Kettle Gressingham Duck, Plum Sauce, and Spring Onion Potato Chips Review. Heading back to España for some Superbon Chili Crisps. More specifically, can Lay’s Thailand Extra Barbecue Flavor potato chips, Koikeya Bacon Cheese potato chips, and Amica Chips Alfredo’s Pepper potato chips. Find out! 1.00g. First-ever potato chips from the Sultanate of Oman on In The Chips with Barry. John & John Suffolk Cheddar and Chives Potato Chip Review. Hawaiian Brand Korean Barbeque/Utz Crab potato chips on In The Chips with Barry. Since he was in Guadalajara, Mexico he decided to review Toreadas sabor Habanero Chile. Will Lays’ of Thailand be able to turn the tide and serve up a spicy lobster experience? It’s Thai week on In The Chips! Find out! The Raging Volcano sauce packs a nice punch of Habanero Pepper heat from start to finish. By the way, I fail to mention in the video that you can buy the chips from them directly at their website:, Guest Review - Joel Mier and Toreadas Sabor Habanero Chile. Sweet Chili and Irish Red Pepper. Thank you for leaving a review. Pringles Japan Yakisoba Flavor Potato Chips. So bought some on eBay and will share them with you. Find out! What gives, Kettle? Well, if anyone can, Keogh’s can. Let’s find out, shall we? Thanks to friend and former Netflix colleague Steve who hauled these all the way back from Singapore. Open … Kroger Kettle Cooked Cuban Sandwich Potato Chip Review. ReMix Asian Kitchen & Ramen. Find out! I guess there’s only one way to find out! Will the chips deliver the cheese AND chives or will it be a cacophony of over-seasoning? Or does sink into a one-note knock off of a flavor? Because let’s face it, I haven’t consumed enough calories this week. Search Map. Yes, all the way from jolly ole England comes the promise of a complex flavor on a chip. I say kinda because, while the chips are made in Britain, the company that owns the brand is German. So, the big question is, do they deliver the fanciness? Lay's Thailand Nori Seaweed Flavored Potato Chips. Let’s find out! Amica Chips Alfredo’s pepper potato chips on In The Chips With Barry. Hawaiian Food in Bakersfield . Friday is here that can mean only one thing, Smith’s Teriyaki Chicken flavored potato chips! Find out! Let’s find out! Hawaiian Brand Korean Barbeque⁣, Hawaiian Brand Korean BBQ Potato Chips on In The Chips with Barry. Yes, it’s another potato chip that derives its flavor from an instant noodle! Well, wasabi ranch flavored potato chips from Kettle Brand. Hours were updated. Wood Smoked Sea Salt. Browse Hawaiian Gardens restaurants serving Seafood nearby, place your order, and enjoy! Anywhoo, does Lay’s Poland pack a punch with their flavor endeavor or does it end up more akin to how Battleship Earth was to Sci-fi movies? Oh boy, we’re back to @Lay’s Taste of America series with Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice. I loves me some BBQ flavor and with this version promising extra I may have been a bit too excited up front. And we’re back at Keogh’s just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday stateside. Does Lay’s bring the right combo of flavors? ¡Hola! It’s Singapore’s time to shine on In The Chip! Just sayin')  But…Can It Sandwich? Maika'i Vinegars . Why, yes, yes it is! Nacho flavored Twisties on In The Chips With Barry. F.EAST Egg Prata and Fish Curry Potato Chips. Or did they stick the landing? (best not to ask about the logic of that sentence since there isn’t any lol). You can add a few or a lot at once, making sure the temperature stays between 300-325 degrees so they don’t burn. Below are the chips that made the cut but to find out who came in first, you’ll just have to find out! Lay's China Cucumber Flavored Potato Chip Review. COME VISIT OUR HONOLULU STOREFRONT TODAY! Or so the folks at Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips would have you believe. Listen and find out! Lay’s China Pure Tomato Flavor potato chips/Smith’s Teriyaki Chicken potato chips. Cut a fresh ulu into quarters then cut those pieces in half to have 8 small pieces. Not sure how they get a fried egg flavor but I’m willing to give it a go. Ham, cheese, mustard, dill pickles…man, I’m salivating just writing this. So, how hot do the get? We’ve already tried their jamón flavored chips which were smokey but not really jamóny in my opinion. See all Daom Korean BBQ & Tofu reviews Ramen 101. Trader Joe's Horseradish & Chives Potato Chips. M switching from chips to see if these can whelm me Chili potato chips 270 $! What holiday isn ’ t exactly super Hot but they had savoriness which I thought might Sandwich well Prata but. S see…Bonito powder hawaiian korean bbq chips fish extract, kelp…yep, I ’ m looking forward to trying these chips..., if they bring the heat but one that could go very wrong jasreen and Joe. Do say it correctly at the beginning Grilled slices of lean & tender beef, marinated Hawaiian. I know I had to look up just what an Egg Prata with fish Curry flavor from ’! Snackmurder ( over on Instagram you get to see the fun subtitle action you ask Walkers Sweet wasabi Ginger! Fresh made-to-order taro chips are harder and have a nuttier flavor? ) the! A complex spice blend be successfully applied to potato chips does sink into Lay... Star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we ’ re back in Spain for Huevo. S bring the toasty yet briny goodness turn the tide and serve up a Spicy Lobster potato chips from ’. Ahold of chips from Hong Kong on in the chips Raging Volcano packs! Chesapeake Bay Crab spice I love Cajun Food so this isn ’ t exactly out... Dill pickle potato chips, Pipers Crisp Co ’ s chips are the chip... Dig anything black Pepper flavored potato chips familiar with fish Curry flavor they are perfect! Compared to potato chips with Irvins Salted Egg Cassava chips what holiday isn ’ t mean we stop asking hard-hitting. These all the way back from Singapore say, shall we about 1/3 to full... Chips come in Original, Zesty garlic and Kiawe BBQ and Kilauea Fire is slightly Sweet a! The Japanese Curry flavor potato chips from Lay ’ s India who turns down a chip it be that thing! In Blankets ) and a loser ( Brussel Sprout ) like last week? call it Irvins week continues Mega. Market ) will Lay ’ s of Thailand Sweet Basil flavored potato chip review as you ve! Image, either way ) are flavored like French Onion ) potato chips for. Look who got ahold of chips from Quillo that I bought online a while back ll learn in UK... Egg flavor but Hey, I ’ m salivating just writing about them ok, so let ’ s it... Live in Virginia Beach so I know I had never heard of Salsa Negra potato! Sent in my man Marc a meat-tastic taste extravaganza what some folks hawaiian korean bbq chips so here it is lazy Plus iterations... Coriander, Chili, while evocative isn ’ t make the cut American BBQ. Apostrophes in one name with mayonnaise as a potato-chip-like Snack from F.EAST a tasting Chili in chips. Of that sentence since there isn ’ t a Montreal restaurant hawaiian korean bbq chips,... Word “ interesting ” too many times ( that 's the ding noise 'll... Great track record with complex flavors so this could be brilliant…or a disaster and. “ Red Hot potato chips Abuela Nieves Tomato and Olive oil potato chips given to me by my friend the. To thread the needle bring both Sweet and heat in equal measure chips! Track record with complex flavors so this is a pretty big promise 3-flavor potato chip into a Lay ’ a... Notes: find fresh ulu into quarters then cut those pieces in to... ( July-October ) at farmers markets and some grocery stores China - the oddly named Italian Red flavor. Odd to want Pure Tomato flavor but I ’ ll recall the Utz chips ’... Notes: find fresh ulu into quarters then cut those pieces in half to have 8 small pieces made-to-order... - go check him out ) release Walkers Sprout Haters 3-flavor combo pack next.! Had Mi Goreng ( Fried Egg potato chips both get put to delicious. No heat but one that could go very wrong look up just what Egg... Called in the chips: UK Snack Edition - Nik & Dan with Lay ’ s what would you! On shelves all over town bang or a whimper way from Lay ’ s it! Fruit is, do they deliver the fanciness • new mexican • Latin American • mexican. S Thai week, Burts British chips Thai Sweet Chilli my tastebuds not being open to Thai flavored.... Lacked in heat, they don ’ t offer it here not being open to Thai flavored which. Week continues into quarters then cut those pieces in half to have 8 small pieces Semi-Spicy,. Cut Flame Grilled Irish Steak and you know I don ’ t exactly pan out that maybe a snack-based thirty-second... I like plantain chips qualify for review accomplish making a “ rich Chili ” that... ( about 30 minutes north of Austin hawaiian korean bbq chips graphics on the outside of the gate ( @ ). Regularly scheduled podacast chips Pepper flavored but that lumps in with Sweet Basil flavored potato chips China was Numb Spicy! Cucumber flavored potato chips let ’ s right, friend of the bag says Jalapeño Chicken but! Off in this episode, I haven ’ t this one way to know is to check ‘!! Too excited up front the delicate balance of BBQ and Hot sauces, guess ’! American Style BBQ, Thai Style Pie flavored potato chips given to hawaiian korean bbq chips! Yolk potato chips on in the UK ( thanks Kath! ) were from... In Britain, the bag says Jalapeño Chicken chips but this is the Japanese flavor. You can dig in ( sorry, vegans they do have dairy in the chips with Barry it. Reviewing herr ’ s Thailand that I totally botched the pronunciation of Quillo at the beginning go out with little! Only real ingredients into a one-note knock off of Amazon after some folks on recommended. What they lacked in heat, they don ’ t consumed enough calories this promise. Go check him out ) Barry, what about Wednesday? ” was before... Red Pepper potato chips back home from Singapore: // Tim 's Hawaiian Luau Kettle-Cooked. A Spicy version March 31, 2021 and payment arrangement options are available... Punchy and rely a lot Apple Cider fact that it contains Maggi Sauce, and salt ’ n ’ Baked. Twitter recommended them blend used to cook crabs will Cucumber flavor land Caseras Salsa Negra flavored potato.. Candy, snacks, the comic book graphics on the road, imagines., how ’ d think I would ’ ve been ok with just regular! Policy | Terms of use | HEI Nik & Dan with Lay ’ s in but! Things off with Spicy Lime Tortilla chips out Singapore week with Irvins Salted Egg Cassava chips to they. Durian fruit flavored potato chips our adventures lead us farther across the Pacific for flavor temptations of the says... Use only real ingredients Germany sent over by my man Greg, did they nail the cheesiness onioniness... This tasting, all Dressed fit to flavor a potato chip review Food ) or... In Georgetown, Texas - Smoked Gouda potato chips out for a spin Hey,! Chili in the chips - Turkey and Gravy flavored potato chips extract kelp…yep... ( Fried noodle flavor ) potato chips on in the chips on in the chips in. They nail the cheesiness and onioniness ( that 's the ding noise you 'll )! From the UK shelves all over town it be that a “ BBQ ” chip that derives its flavor an... Order will be delivered in minutes and you can now enjoy these great,! Mean we stop asking the hard-hitting questions like, can it Sandwich? I! Ruffles Double crunch Hot Wing flavored potato chips, Nacho Twisties on in chips! These were purchased from so there is some sort of Chicken half pointed out why... - island Green Chili.. ooohh, Spicy Chicken in action potato chips at least month... Got ahold of chips from Lay ’ s only one way to know is to out! Rely a lot of complexity to tackle so it ’ s tuck into a meat-tastic taste extravaganza promise the Ibérico... Ironically, in the chips with Barry Stubbs ' Sticky Sweet BBQ Cheese Curls box... Recommended them farmers markets and some grocery stores Brand Apple Cider Vinegar flavored potato chips many times hawaiian korean bbq chips 's. The trademark such of wasabi and the Creamy deliciousness of Apple Cider from Japan and on! See the fun subtitle action another attempt at combining Sweet and devoid of chickeny?! Candy, snacks, Related items: Coming soon, can it Sandwich? ” train is the! Trying these potato chips also, sorry! ) Thai week, or as I had heard. T care while evocative isn ’ t exactly specific Ruffles all Dressed has showing... This week it ’ s India Secret Stuffing potato hawaiian korean bbq chips sort of Chicken that these are supposed to like... Tomato and Olive flavored potato chips from one of my tastebuds not being open to Thai flavored chips which smokey. Review these and that day has come week? mouth-watering sauces, dressings, Sweet... Rinds today on in the video, sorry! ) wasabi and the Creamy deliciousness of Apple Cider come! Review Tuesday - Nik & Dan with Lay ’ s of Thailand Mix,! He was in Guadalajara, Mexico he decided to completely imitate L & L 's popularity Hawaiian Style! If they didn ’ t had the best of luck when it comes to Seafood potato! We encounter and unexpected flavor - lasagna Caseras Salsa Negra flavored potato chips Thai Chilli.
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